Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Younglings

We watch the Vader Meditation Egg scene from ESB. General Veers is a bro; Ozzel wants that Oscar; and From Wicket W. Warwick to the Jedi Younglings, we talk about all the kiddos of the Star Wars movies. Is Wicket an atheist? Is R2D2 a John Rambo? What is Kitster’s midichlorian count? All this and more!

September 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Younglings

Architecture of Star Wars

We play a game then jump into our favorite architecture in the galaxy. Did the Jedi Temple re-appropriate a convention center? Why do so few buildings have windows? Will we get to see the tapestries? Check out these structures with us from Naboo to Coruscant.

July 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Architecture of Star Wars

Bar Wars

We look at all the bars in the Star Wars movies. Would we drink there? Would Morn? Where are the chairs? We try to figure out how many arms Obi-Wan chops off on a Friday night, who Obi-Wan’s normal deathstick guy is, and what the giant Maz Kanata statue says about Maz Kanata. We’ll all be serving drinks on the master’s sail barge by the end!

June 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Bar Wars

Get That Grogu (Mando Ch. 16)

After wondering who in Star Wars is a dog person and who is a cat person we jump into Mandalorian 16. What happnes on the Imperial subreddit? What are the dangers of a Spotchka economy?  Do Wookiees fit under tables at bars? Will Scott stop making the same Ferris Bueller joke?

May 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Get That Grogu

Mando Unmasked (Mando Ch. 15)

After an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, we chat about The Believer. We discover a new biome in Star Wars and wonder what’s the most collectable junk in a new republic scrap yard? What kind of pirate wants to blow up dat booty? How does Imperial facial recognition work?  What happens to the Rhydonium commodities market when that refinery goes up?

We’re taking you out of podcast prison and leaving you in this episode!

April 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Mando Unmasked