Episode IIB (or not IIB)

Alyce & Laura from Force Toast podcast join us for some trivia and a bad pun challenge. Then we dive into the second half of Attack of the Clones where Jango is fighting Obiwan on El Kamino. Was the Lars Homestead built on slave labor? Has Dooku joined the Legend of Doom? Is Anakin’s robot hand enormous? RIP Sand people.

August 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — Episode IIB (or not IIB)

Episode IIA

We watched the first half of Attack of the Clones. Is Obiwan a political conspiracy theorist? Does Obiwan have a drinking problem? Is Obiwan a flat-Earther? Why are we picking on Obiwan? Take a deathstick break, and find out what parts of the movie made us laugh, cry, or squirm as we travel from the mean streets of Coruscant, to the stormy seas of El Kamino, to the [gulp] meadows of Naboo.

July 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — Episode IIA

Chewie Sidekicks

Scott and Chris introduce a new Unsolved Mysteries segment before launching into a Chewbacca episode in honor of Peter Mayhew. What are our favorite Chewie scenes, and who are the best sidekicks in Star Wars? Is Cloud City Ugnaught segregated? Is R2D2 Christopher Walken? What’s up with those two random kids in the Super Friends? This episode goes down like Porg, the other white meat.

June 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — Chewie Sidekicks

This video cracked us up.

Teaser Trailer Talk

Bonus episode with chat about the Episode IX teaser trailer. How Chewbacca got his medals, hope for the trash compactor monster, who’s the real villain of the saga, and the most awkward scene from Forrest Gump all make appearances.

April 14, 2019 Scott & Chris — Teaser Trailer Talk

Top 10 Ships

We rank the top 10 starships of Star Wars. Along the way we wonder is the T-1000 hiding in Ep. I, does Watto only accept Deutsche Marks, whom do we “ship” Lobot with? This is the episode “who crawled through a river of s**t and came out clean on the other side.”

April 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — Top 10 Ships

The Oscar Goes To…

Chris, Scott, and the computer from Willy Wonka try to come up with the Ep. IX title before launching into the Star Wars Academy Awards. Who’s the best supporting actress in Star Wars? Best Editing? Worst Hair? Why does our Bane impression get worse each month? We’re all Oscar and no Grouch on this exciting episode.

March 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — The Oscar Goes To

2 New 2 Hope

Scott and Chris pass out Valentines to members of the Jedi Council before looking at the second half of A New Hope. What made Porkins crash? Should Cousin Eddie have flown in the Death Star Attack? Is Gen. Dodonna the Patton of the Rebel Alliance? Dive head first into this trash compactor of an episode.

February 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — 2 New 2 Hope

Happy New Hope

The first half of A New Hope to celebrate the new year. Scott has questions about the droid lineup, and Chris figures out who has a death stick habit. Do Imperial officers know how to blink? Will the Jawas let R2 use his Swingline stapler? Is Luke watching scrambled Cinemax? These questions and more make it to our escape pod — “Look sir! We Serve Droids!”

January 01, 2019 Scott & Chris – Happy New Hope