The BlasTech Kid (Mando Ch. 5)

When Mando and Baby Yoda travel to our favorite desert planet, we’re left wondering what kind of hijnks Amy Sedaris and the pit droids get into baby-sitting. Does a droid bartender in the cantina mean We Serve Droids beat Star Wars? What was the economic effect of piking up Storm Trooper heads? All this and more in the latest episode of We Serve Droids — one with bones in it.

February 15, 2020 Scott & Chris — The BlasTech Kid

The Magnificent Mandalorian (Ch 4)

We make our own Star Wars Mad Libs, then jump into The Mandalorian Ch. 4. How bad does a krill farm village smell? What do you feed a Baby Yoda? How is the monster meth lab so high tech? It doesn’t take seven samurai to pose these questions, just a magnificent podcast and a great training montage. Pull up a bowl of bone broth, and take a gulp of this episode.

February 01, 2020 Scott & Chris — The Magnificent Mandalorian

Rise of Sky Preview/Predictions

We fantasy draft who we think will die in Ep IX followed by general preview and predictions for Rise of Skywalker. How many people can fall down a shaft? What do we hope to see? How many dead Storm Troopers will the Ewoks have turned into musical instruments?

December 15, 2019 Scott & Chris — Rise of Sky Preview/Predictions

Maclunkey: Death Scenes

We play a short game fantasy drafting Star Wars characters for the Super Friends before talking about our favorite death scenes in Star Wars. Who has the most honorable Klingon-style death? Who died as they lived? Who died the way we’d want to? All this inspired by “Maclunkey.” Form of rancor, and listen along!

December 01, 2019 Scott & Chris — Maclunkey: Death Scenes

Trailer Time

We talk about the full Rise of Skywalker trailer. Chris runs Ctrl+F”Gorax” and wonders about mecha-Palpatine. Scott remembers the rules for Gremlins and has a thing for Ladybird Johnson. We swear we actually talk about the trailer.

October 24, 2019 Scott & Chris — Trailer Time