Happy New Hope

The first half of A New Hope to celebrate the new year. Scott has questions about the droid lineup, and Chris figures out who has a death stick habit. Do Imperial officers know how to blink? Will the Jawas let R2 use his Swingline stapler? Is Luke watching scrambled Cinemax? These questions and more make it to our escape pod — “Look sir! We Serve Droids!”

January 01, 2019 Scott & Chris – Happy New Hope

Gonk In Your Bunker – The Droid Episode

Scott and Chris are joined by fanthatracks.com’s Mark Newbold and they pick what Star Wars droids they’d want in a doomsday bunker. Scott and Chris go on to discuss their favorite and least favorite droids. Is Lobot a droid? Is Yoda our droid-racist grandpa? Did we watch the first episode of the Droids cartoon? And did Chris find the most terrifying droid in Star Wars? This is the episode we’ve been carrying around in our rusty innards.

Gonk In Your Bunker — Scott & Chris September 01, 2018