Visions – T0-B1

The most brutal de-arming we’ve ever seen. Who’s a robot and who isn’t? Does T0-B1 obey the laws of robotics? Is Prof. Mitaka bad at terraforming? All this and more on a special episode of Astro Boy… I mean Pinocchio… I mean Star Wars Visions!

December 08, 2021 Scott & Chris — Visions – T0-B1

Visions – The Village Bride

We play a quick game in honor of Episode 66, then we chat about Visions episode 4: The Village Bride. What’s up with the giant helmet? Is the real adventure the wedding crashers we met along the way? Are thermal detonators traditional wedding favors?

Style your hair into horns and listen to this episode!

November 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Visions – The Village Bride

Visions – The Duel

We chat about the first episode of Star Wars visions. Which Kurosawa movie is this? Was A New Hope playing on the Hill Valley Clock Tower? What exactly is Sebulba driving? And, whom would Mr T voice?

I pity the fool that don’t listen to this episode.

October 01, 2021 Scott & Chris — Visions – The Duel