What If Wars

We ask and answer the best “What if?”s of  Star Wars. What if the death star had not blown up? What if Luke had stayed on Dagobah? What if Han Solo had been pooped out of the sarlacc? What if you listened to this episode right now?

August 15, 2020 Scott & Chris — What If Wars

Stuff of Star Wars

We discuss the most memorable stuff (objects, props) of the Star Wars galaxy. What’s the significance of the lightsaber? Why does Chewbacca play Mortal Kombat Chess? What is that thing on Lobot’s head?

Tell your mom that storm trooper is an action figure not a doll, and take a Scrooge McDuck dive into this vault full of stuff.

September 01, 2020 Scott & Chris — Stuff of Star Wars

Still Striking Back

Who flushed the Slave I down the toilet? What does black smoke coming out of Cloud City mean? Are puffy shirts a status symbol? We learn who has the Glengarry leads to catch the Falcon, and what it takes it for Lobot to feel anything. Would you join us for a little We Serve Droids? Everyone’s invited, of course.

August 01, 2020 Scott & Chris — Still Striking Back

Too Hoth To Handle

After pitching Star Wars promotional products we take a look at the first half Empire Strikes Back? Is Gen. Rieeken addicted to the big board? How long does R2 wait in the rain outside Yoda’s hut? What droid is most like Hitler’s German Shepherd? This episode freezes WAY before the first marker!

July 01, 2020 Scott & Chris — Too Hoth To Handle

Best of the Sequel Trilogy

We fantasy draft Star Wars characters to make the best Scooby Doo team, then we look at the best things in the sequel trilogy. What’s the best action sequence? What’s the best line? Who put whitewall tires on the TIE Fighers? Are all monkeys fascists? What do A Tribe Called Quest and Pasaana have in common? In this episode, we don’t just have power, we have his power–we’re palpating.

June 01, 2020 Scott & Chris — Best of the Sequel Trilogy

Mandalorian Mop-Up (Mando Ch. 8/Season 1)

We chat about episode 8 of Mandalorian and the season as a whole. Who are the best characters in the season? How many times will we bring up the Terminator? Were we promised Pedro Pascal in 30 minutes or less? And, how loud did we scream when that R2 unit sprouted legs? Living things are encouraged to remove the helmet of this podcast.

May 01, 2020 Scott & Chris — Mandalorian Mop-Up